Your expert partner for enamelled wires and electrical insulation

In addition to solderable and heat-resistant enamelled copper wire, enamelled aluminium wire and self-bonding wire, our product range also includes copper wire, aluminium wire, copper strips, aluminium strips, HF wires, insulation materials and insulation coatings and resins. Tinned copper wire is also to be found in our product range.

Quality enamelled wire for every application

Our winding wires are subject to the highest quality standards. Our suppliers are of course certified to ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 and our enamelled copper wires meet IEC and DIN standards. Thanks to constant internal and external quality controls we can offer you state of the art products.

Our range of enamel-insulated copper wire covers the following types: (in each case showing the heat resistance and the IEC standard)

Round enamelled wires:

  • ENOFLEX-F to 155°C per IEC 60317-20
  • ENOFLEX-180 to 180°C per IEC 60317-51
  • ENOFLEX-H to 180°C per IEC 60317-23
  • MEDIOTHERM to 200°C per IEC 60317-13

Flat enamelled wires:

  • SLT to 200°C per IEC 60317-29

Self-bonding wires:

  • ENOBOND-180 to 180°C per IEC 60317-35
  • IDIOBOND to 180°C per IEC 60317-37
  • MEDIOBOND to 200°C per IEC 60317-38

You will also find heat-resistant enamelled aluminium wires in round and flat form in our range.

  • MEDIOTHERM-AL to 200°C per IEC 60317-25

Wires and strips

Besides our copper wire (uncoated or tinned) we also sell uncoated aluminium wire. Our aluminium and copper strips are between 10 mm and 1,000 mm wide and can also be manufactured with rounded edges.

Electrical insulation materials and other insulators

Besides enamelled wires you will also find in our range surface insulation materials, laminated materials, raw and coated fibre materials, braided wires and hook-up wires, insulation tubes and profiles, electrical adhesive tapes and insulation coatings and resins for electrical and electrothermal insulation. Here we use only high-quality materials that have been subjected to safety checks.

We look forward to hearing from you

As the sales office of Cablel Wires S.A. we are your expert partner. We stand out thanks to our quick response times in dealing with your individual enquiries and thanks to our services when it’s all about producing stocks of materials for you, holding them in interim storage and delivering them to you on time.

If you are looking for copper wire, then we at Bobimat NV are the ones to draw the wires and “pull the strings” for you.


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